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Current Projects

Fire Hydrants

As an extension of the 2019 WIIA grant, we are embarking on a critical project to replace undersized and damaged hydrants with updated isolation valves. This initiative aims to align our water system with the 10 States Recommended Standard for Water Works, enhancing safety by reducing the risk of hydrant vehicular strikes

May 28, 2023|Categories: Current Projects|

Water Meters

The Millerton Water District is on the verge of completing its water meter installation project. Thanks to the WIIA Grant (Water Infrastructure Improvement Grant), obsolete water meters have been successfully replaced with modern units that can be read remotely. This advancement aims to empower the water district in swiftly identifying water leaks and ensuring accurate billing

May 28, 2023|Categories: Current Projects|

LED Streetlights

The Village is embarking on an ambitious climate-smart initiative, upgrading our current sodium street lights to cutting-edge, energy-efficient LED streetlights. With nearly 85 existing lights, this exciting and cost-saving project is scheduled to commence in early 2024

May 28, 2023|Categories: Current Projects|


Over the past few years, the Village of Millerton and Town of Northeast have shown unwavering dedication to the development of a Village-owned and operated wastewater system. This system will seamlessly connect with the Town of NorthEast wastewater district, a testament to collaborative progress. Consultants and engineers have tirelessly worked on this initiative, supported by enthusiastic volunteers and successful grant writing efforts.

In September 2023, Engineers Tighe & Bonde took a monumental stride by commencing the crucial preliminary design and engineering phase. The first phase, addressing the Boulevard and Main Street business district and adjacent homes with a dogleg up Route 22 North, addresses the area of most urgent need

May 28, 2023|Categories: Current Projects|

Main Street Sidewalks

In July 2022, The Village of Millerton successfully completed the construction of 1000 linear feet of brand new ADA compliant sidewalks, accompanied by curbing and cross-walk ramps. The project received crucial funding support from the Dutchess County Community Development Block Grant Program. Additionally, we implemented four sets of multi-modal crosswalk signs, made possible through secured funding from Assembly member Did Barrett’s office

Spring 2024 marks a significant milestone as the Village is set to finalize 700 linear feet of sidewalk and curbing along the North side of Main Street. This vital project commences at the intersection of Rt. 44 and Dutchess Ave., extending seamlessly to the new crosswalk in front of the NorthEast Millerton Library. Funding for this transformative initiative is made possible through the Dutchess County Community Block Grant Program.

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Eddie Collins Memorial Park

Eddie Collins Memorial Park reopened in October 2022 after a $2.2 million renovation, featuring 2 new basketball courts, an upgraded Little League Field with accessible bleachers, an expanded playground, a full-sized soccer field, a new entrance and parking lot, an updated bathhouse, new trees, and picnic tables.

Now, it’s time for Phase 2. The conceptual design is complete, and we’re excited to introduce a new bathhouse with offices, a concession stand, and a community room. Plus, the long-awaited new swimming pool, accessible to all, is on the horizon.

May 28, 2023|Categories: Current Projects|
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