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We take immense pride in our commitment to fostering a strong bond between law enforcement and the vibrant community we serve. At the core of our policing philosophy is the unwavering belief in the power of community engagement. We stand dedicated to the principles of community policing, actively collaborating with residents, businesses, and organizations to create a safer and more connected Millerton. Our department is not just an enforcer of the law; we are your neighbors, friends, and allies in ensuring the well-being of our shared home. Together, we are building a safer and stronger community, where trust, communication, and mutual respect are the cornerstones of our service. Welcome to a partnership that goes beyond badges and uniforms – welcome to the Millerton NY Police Department, where community involvement is not just a goal, but a way of life.

Joseph V. Olenik
Chief of Police

Police Chief
Joseph Olenik

5933 N. Elm Avenue
Millerton, NY 12546
​(518) 789-6355
Fax: (518) 789-6764

All-night parking (Village Code 151-13)

The parking of vehicles is hereby prohibited on all streets within the village between the hours of 11:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., beginning December 10 of each year and ending April 10 of the following year, except those streets or parts of streets described in Schedule IX (§ 151-33).

Top 7 Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers In New York



Honorable Casey McCabe
Honorable Dennis Johnson


Matthew Kreta


19 North Maple Avenue
PO Box 516
Millerton, NY 12546

​(518) 789-3300 ex 604
Fax: (518) 789-9530

Special Needs Registry

The Special Needs Registry is an initiative of the Village of Millerton Police Department. Its purpose is to compile and maintain a list of individuals with “special needs” due to mental or neurological disabilities who may reside in or frequently visit the Village of Millerton. Residents are invited to proactively provide information about a loved one with special needs of any age who may require special assistance in an emergency or interaction with Village of Millerton Police Officers.

This registration is completely voluntary.

Other Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office

New York State Police


Officer Michael Veeder named “TOP COP” at STOP-DWI Law Enforcement Awards

Millerton police officer Michael Veeder was honored as one of the county’s “Top Cops” on November 19th at the 21st Annual Dutchess County STOP-DWI Program’s Law Enforcement Awards Luncheon. He was one of only seven law enforcement officers awarded the distinction by the Dutchess County STOP-DWI Planning Board. The event honors police officers from throughout Dutchess County for their commitment and contributions to the STOP-DWI Program’s mission.

“These awards symbolize the dedication and vigilance our law enforcement officials continue to display to keep our local residents as safe as possible on the road – not just during the upcoming holiday season, but year-round,” County Legislator Kenneth Roman said. To read more click here

Village of Millerton Police Department Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians

Congratulations to three of our Village of Millerton Police Department officers: Sergeant Michael Veeder, Sergeant David Rudin, and Officer Tyler Conley.

These three officers spent four days in training to become nationally certified to assist our residents with how to install their child safety seats properly to prevent injury or in extreme cases, death of a child.

The Village of Millerton will be working with Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, New York State Police and Dutchess County Stop DWI program to host events that will help residents with child seats. The Village of Millerton will also be scheduling times to have residents come directly to the station at 5933 N. Elm Avenue for car seat inspections and information.

Please watch this website and our Facebook page – Village of Millerton -VOM for upcoming information and dates of these events.

Thank you to these three officers and the Village of Millerton Police Department for adding this wonderful program.

Joseph Olenik, Village Chief

Contact information:
(518) 789-6355

Keven Kemp, Police Officer: Court Officer

Contact information:
(518) 789-6355

Michael Veeder, Police Sargeant

Contact information:
(518) 789-6355

Erik Breen, Police Officer

Contact information:
(518) 789-6355

Julia Phillips, Police Officer

Contact information:
(518) 789-6355

David Rudin, Police Sergeant

Contact information:
(518) 789-6355